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The boxes are packed, the movers are hired, the papers are signed, but the job’s not done until your old house is cleaned and ready to go for the next occupants. Whether you’re ending a lease, upsizing to a new home in Orlando, Florida, or downsizing to a condo in Seattle, Washington, it’s essential to compile a move out cleaning checklist so you can do a thorough wipe-down before handing over the keys. Read More →

The Best Methods for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add character to any room they adorn. From the living room to the kitchen, hardwood floors offer unparalleled beauty and sophistication that cannot be replicated with carpets or other flooring options.

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Your Comprehensive Holiday Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time of year again. Families are trying to get ready for the holiday season. Presents are being bought, meals are being planned, and you have to get ready for a visit from the in-laws. 

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Before Hiring A House Cleaning Service

Being in the house cleaning business since 1993, we’ve seen a lot. One big thing we felt you ought to know is that every house cleaning service is not created equal. Some charge more… some less. Some clean better… some worse. However there are 10 things that we strongly feel that you should consider before hiring a house cleaning service into your home.

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