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Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

While spring is known as the time of year when people engage in some serious home cleaning projects, it’s also a time when people make their homes healthier, sometimes without even knowing it. From decluttering and reorganization to scrubbing and polishing, spring cleaning is a great way to not only tidy up your home but improve your overall health and wellbeing. Check out four reasons why we at Busy Bee Cleaning Co. think spring cleaning is an important task that every homeowner should get into the habit of doing.

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Tips & Tricks for Keeping Winter Messes at Bay

While winter weather creates a beautiful atmosphere outside, the cold, wet weather of winter is not as kind to our homes. From mud all over the kitchen floors to wet pet odors in the living room, every time someone enters your home, you can expect whatever snow, sleet, salt, or slush they came into contact with to be dragged into your home as well.

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Have you run out of ideas of what get your family member, friend, or co-worker for the holidays? What about giving the gift of time? Time is the thing we all wish we had more of and while there is no way to gain more time in the day, you could help someone you care about repurpose their time so they can do more of the things they love most.

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Across the country, many Americans are starting to plan to their holiday festivities. From selecting the right seasonal decor to crafting the almighty dinner menu, it is not uncommon for people to spend weeks planning the perfect holiday shindig. But even with all of the planning, many people forget to account for one of the most important things—cleaning their homes before the holidays.

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What is the ISSA Show?

Once a year, the ISSA Show North America brings the entire professional cleaning industry together for a week of learning and business networking. The event allows professionals in the industry to discover new ways to improve their business’s efficiency, skills, and profitability. Those who attend the show are able to learn from industry experts, make valuable connections and experience the latest industry innovations all under one roof. This year’s show will be held October 29th – November 1st in Dallas, TX.

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House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

At Busy Bee Cleaning Co., we know just how much you love your furry friends no matter how messy they can be, and that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you keep your pet’s messes at bay and your home sparkling clean. Read More →

How to Clean Your New Home Before Move In Day

Before your things arrive at your new home, you should give your house a good cleaning to remove dirt and germs left behind from the previous owners. Cleaning before you move is always ideal because it allows you to clean every nook and cranny without a bunch of boxes being in the way.

This checklist will help you prioritize you cleaning, so when move-in day arrives, you can focus on unpacking and making your new space feel like home.

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Now that summertime’s in full swing, we understand that you’re busy entertaining guests, keeping busy with activities for you and the kids, and even going on vacation. That’s why Busy Bee Cleaning Company is here when you need us. We know how hard it can be to juggle a bustling schedule along with chores and other responsibilities, which is why we provide our expert residential cleaning services to Wayne, PA, and the surrounding areas. Read More →

Although the summer sun might be calling your name, one of the downsides of getting out of the house is that bugs and dirt just as often get in. As the season blazes on, you may begin to notice stains accruing on your walls, both from your children’s backyard-dirt-covered hands as well as your own exploits in discovering flies and moths on the wall, only to swat them and wind up with bug residue on what used to be a perfectly white surface. Read More →

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