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How to Clean Your New Home Before Move In Day

Before your things arrive at your new home, you should give your house a good cleaning to remove dirt and germs left behind from the previous owners. Cleaning before you move is always ideal because it allows you to clean every nook and cranny without a bunch of boxes being in the way.

This checklist will help you prioritize you cleaning, so when move-in day arrives, you can focus on unpacking and making your new space feel like home.

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Now that summertime’s in full swing, we understand that you’re busy entertaining guests, keeping busy with activities for you and the kids, and even going on vacation. That’s why Busy Bee Cleaning Company is here when you need us. We know how hard it can be to juggle a bustling schedule along with chores and other responsibilities, which is why we provide our expert residential cleaning services to Wayne, PA, and the surrounding areas. Read More →

Although the summer sun might be calling your name, one of the downsides of getting out of the house is that bugs and dirt just as often get in. As the season blazes on, you may begin to notice stains accruing on your walls, both from your children’s backyard-dirt-covered hands as well as your own exploits in discovering flies and moths on the wall, only to swat them and wind up with bug residue on what used to be a perfectly white surface. Read More →

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Are you looking for a house cleaning company or maid service near Malvern, PA? A professional house cleaning service lets you spend more time relaxing or being with your family, rather than working on an endless list of chores. If this is your first time hiring a cleaner, then use these simple tips to get the most out of your experience.

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Deep Cleaning Tips to Follow This Spring

It’s spring time, which means it’s time to start seriously sprucing up your home. A spring cleaning isn’t like just any other type of cleaning. When it comes to this annual tradition, you need to reach every nook and cranny of the house. Spring cleaning requires the right strategy, materials, and execution. So get your rubber gloves and goggles ready, because it’s almost time to get thrown into the ring and start cleaning.

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Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Home

Have you ever stopped and wondered why it’s so important to deep clean your home?

Many people don’t have the time or the energy to deep clean their homes, but it’s a great idea to try and keep up on your cleaning so that it doesn’t become too hard to tackle later on. Maintaining a clean home doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require a little bit of time management. At Busy Bee Cleaning Company, we take pride in helping homeowners get their homes clean and fresh, even when their lives are busy, and their schedules are full.

One of the most obvious benefits of deep cleaning your home is the health factor.

A dirty house that never gets dusted or vacuumed is one that harbors germs and dust. If you’ve got pets, then you’ll likely have even more grime to contend with, which makes deep cleaning even more important. If you know that your house needs a good cleaning, and you need to find house cleaning services close to Newtown Square, PA, then call Busy Bee Cleaning Company.  We can get something booked for you in no time. Allergies can also be aggravated in dirty homes, so it’s a good idea to have a deep cleaning performed a few times each year.

Another benefit to deep cleaning a home is increased organization.

A disordered, cluttered home makes it hard to concentrate on both daily tasks and future projects.  A messy home lays the foundation for a scattered mind and it can also cause increased stress levels. If you want to get organized and relaxed, then call on Busy Bee Cleaning Company.  We’re available for those who want to get their homes looking and feeling great with a deep cleaning. If you need a maid service close to Kennett Square, PA, Busy Bee Cleaning Company is ready to help.

Busy Bee Cleaning Company is always available for deep cleaning. If your home needs dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, we can make it happen. Deep cleaning your home will provide you with the peace of mind that you need to be productive and it will also keep your space free from bacteria and allergens. After all, a clean home is a happy home, and at Busy Bee Cleaning Company, we always work hard to exceed customer expectations with our quality cleaning services!

For over 20 years, Busy Bee Cleaning Company has sent our valued clients nothing but the best staff to clean and sanitize their homes. When our employees cross your threshold, we guarantee that every surface in your home will be cleaned to perfection and we’ll do it with a smile. Busy Bee Cleaning specialists are no ordinary maids; they are professionals trained in the science of home cleaning. In fact, use our house cleaners near Downingtown, PA for your next residential cleaning and you’ll see how!

  1. Busy Bee University

Busy Bee Cleaning Company has an extensive hiring process to ensure we hand-pick only the best cleaning experts in the field. We only hire about five percent of our applicants, and from there, our employees are put through a rigorous training program. In Busy Bee University’s training program, we make sure that our team and field leaders are kept up to date and are knowledgeable on the latest improvements in equipment and chemicals used to clean every surface of your home. Since we want to make sure your home is cleaned thoroughly and safely, we will continue to educate our cleaning specialists and improve their cleaning techniques.

  1. Courteous

Busy Bee cleaners are professionals that know how to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. They are friendly, proficient, and competent workers who will do no job that is less than satisfactory.  Busy Bee Cleaning Company employees value our clients and will never jeopardize the trust and integrity that we hope to build with each client. When the Busy Bee team arrives to your home, you can be sure that they are there to do a job and will never engage in any inappropriate behavior.

  1. Award-Winning Services

Our cleaning specialists are dedicated to delivering quality service to you—the customer, and will leave your home in mint condition every time. Because Busy Bee values customer satisfaction, our cleaning company has consistently won awards for “Best of Philly” and “Best of  Main Line Today.” Busy Bee Cleaning Company has also been awarded the Reader’s choice award and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

If you’re looking for a quality cleaning experience, Busy Bee can deliver. Our trained professionals are educated on how to effectively clean the surfaces of your home. They are courteous and respectful, and will ensure that you are satisfied with the results every time. Call Busy Bee Cleaning Company today, and we’ll send you one of our Busy Bee cleaning specialists for the best in quality maid service in Downingtown, PA.

Finding the time and the energy required to keep a clean home can be challenging. Many people have busy schedules which prevent them from having extra hours to clean their homes as often as they’d like. If you want to get your home clean, but don’t want to spend time doing it, consider hiring Busy Bee Cleaning Company as your cleaning service. Our team understands that every home or business has its own requirements for a professional cleaning service. In fact, we’ve even got three benefits of hiring us as your cleaning service.

1. We work to create a healthy environment

One of the most obvious advantages of hiring Busy Bee Cleaning Company is the fact that your home environment will be cleaner and healthier. Regular dusting and vacuuming removes dust and bacteria that can linger on surfaces and under rugs. A thorough cleaning from Busy Bee Cleaning Company will reduce allergies and make your home feel cleaner. Your family will also reduce its chances of contracting illnesses. If you need a dedicated house cleaning company close to Villanova, Pennsylvania, then call Busy Bee Cleaning Company. We invest in our employees so that our clients receive a fantastic experience in return!

2. Saves time

Forget about dusting shelves or mopping kitchen floors. With a routine cleaning from Busy Bee Cleaning Company, you can rest assured that our team will tackle the job with courtesy and speed. When you hire Busy Bee, you eliminate the need to do all of the work yourself, and you guarantee a fresher home space for both you and your family. Think of the time you will save when you leave the cleaning to us. Saved time also equates to saved money. At Busy Bee Cleaning Company, we work hard to build trust with our clients, and we understand that you want your personal belongings to be cared for properly.

3. We bring the supplies and equipment to get the job done.

Our non-toxic and eco-friendly products are safe for you, your family, and pets. We use the best and safest cleaning products for all surface in your home. Busy Bee does not use products that contain bleach or ammonia. We use the industry’s highest rated vacuums that have HEPA filtration to purify and maximize indoor air quality in your home.

Looking for house cleaners in West Chester, PA? Give Busy Bee Cleaning Company a call. Our cleaning services ensure that whether your place is a small one-bedroom apartment or it’s a two-story home, our team will get the job done right. Keeping a clean home has many benefits, and Busy Bee Cleaning Company is ready to help you achieve them.

Have you been thinking about hiring a house cleaning company but not sure where to start?

Many people lead busy lives and simply don’t have the time for house cleaning. This is where a professional cleaning company can make life a lot easier. At Busy Bee Cleaning Company, we take pride in offering the best house cleaning services around. Whether your home needs a quick clean or whether it needs a deep clean, Busy Bee Cleaning Company can assist. All homes need a deep cleaning at least once or twice a year. Deep cleaning a home helps reach the areas that might be missed in a regular cleaning. It also helps reduce allergens and minimize clutter.

At Busy Bee Cleaning Company, we offer deep cleaning services to customers who need it most.  If you’ve decided that you need to hire house cleaners in Newtown Square, PA, then count on Busy Bee Cleaning Company. We can help you get your home sparkling clean in no time. Our deep cleaning services include oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, baseboard cleaning, window sill cleaning, and countertop polishing. We are also available to vacuum deep edge carpets, drapes, furniture and lampshades. Busy Bee Cleaning Company will even clean your leather furniture as well as the interior of your cabinets!

Those looking for house cleaning services in Garnet Valley, PA can count on Busy Bee Cleaning Company for whatever they need. No job is too big or too small for Busy Bee Cleaning Company. When it comes to deep cleaning, out crew knows exactly what’s required. A deep cleaning will leave your home feeling much cleaner and fresher than just a regular cleaning.  We’ll even spend whatever time is needed to reach all those hard to see places and leave your home sparkling clean.

A deep cleaning from Busy Bee Cleaning Company will leave your home feeling comfortable and clean. Our professional crew always takes the time to makes sure that nothing is missed and we always show respect to your personal belongings, too. This season, when you need to have a deep cleaning, call Busy Bee Cleaning Company. We’ll help you with whatever your home needs to look and feel great!