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Don’t Let the Holiday Stress Ruin Your Party!

Having company over for the holidays! Don’t sweat it! Here’s how to tackle your holiday party prep: Read More →

How Often Should You Be Dusting Your Home?

To many, especially the younger readers, dusting might seem like an outdated practice that only stuffy older people do in their homes. In reality, dusting is an incredibly vital and necessary part of any house cleaning routine that keeps surfaces sanitary and germ-free. Those in need of a maid service in Paoli, PA, and its surrounding areas should look to Busy Bee Cleaning Company to keep their homes clean even when they don’t have the time. For those who prefer the home maintenance approach, it is imperative not to overlook dusting during your routine. Read More →

The 3 Areas to Focus On When Cleaning Your Kitchen

Regardless of whether you’re getting ready to host a big dinner party or just looking to straighten up around the house, cleaning your kitchen always seems to be the biggest hassle. All the food that you make, consume, and spill puts it right up there with your bathroom in contention for the most dreaded room to clean. It’s understandable if you’re too overwhelmed, which is why Busy Bee Cleaning Co. prides ourselves on having the most efficient residential cleaning services in the West Chester, PA area. If you are feeling brave, though, there are a few areas in your kitchen that will need some extra attention. Read More →

With summer vacation winding down, soon you’ll have a lot less spare time on your hands. Given all of the extracurricular activities your kids are likely involved in, it will once again seem like a full-time job to pick them up or drop them off where they need to be. With all these additions to your daily schedule, your life will be a lot more hectic. So how will you find the time to vacuum, dust, and complete all the other drudgerous chores that keep your home sanitary and beautiful?

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Of all the household chores necessary to keep your home sanitary, few are more important (or less enjoyable) than cleaning the bathroom. Getting down on your hands and knees to scrub a toilet or clean any other area of a bathroom is no one’s idea of fun, but you can escape the tedium with help from Busy Bee Cleaning Co. Our home cleaning services, available in the Berwyn, PA area, can give your bathroom a thorough cleaning. 

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Spring cleaning is an annual event in many homes, especially in areas where cold weather prevent extensive cleaning during the winter. With the warmer weather of spring, cleaning was once again possible a few months ago at the start of spring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you got your spring cleaning done. Maybe you kept putting it off, one weekend at a time, and now you find yourself at the end of spring.   

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Are you looking for house cleaning services in the Kennett Square, PA area? Our team at Busy Bee Cleaning Company can clean your kitchen and bathroom.

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This Summer, Take a Vacation From Housework!

Summer is time for family vacations and barbeques, so why would you spend your summer cleaning? At Busy Bee Cleaning Co., we provide professional maid service to residents in Paoli, PA, as well as other local areas. Our team of specialists delivers superior results by taking their time to thoroughly clean every property they work in. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our video to see just what our team can do for your home this summer. Read More →

3 Areas Everyone Forgets During Spring Cleaning

From cleaning out your closet to organizing your kitchen, spring cleaning is a great way to free your home of those tough winter messes. While most people are familiar with the benefits of spring cleaning, not many know how to do it right. To help make sure you’re not missing any important spots in your home, we’ve created a short video of some common areas people forget during their spring cleaning. Read More →

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

While spring is known as the time of year when people engage in some serious home cleaning projects, it’s also a time when people make their homes healthier, sometimes without even knowing it. From decluttering and reorganization to scrubbing and polishing, spring cleaning is a great way to not only tidy up your home but improve your overall health and wellbeing. Check out four reasons why we at Busy Bee Cleaning Co. think spring cleaning is an important task that every homeowner should get into the habit of doing.

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